“Meat” our Butchers

At Herrington’s we love to customize your orders.  Ask us about dinner parties, how many you are serving and we are pleased to fill your custom requests.

Take advantage of the knowledge of our Butchers!

Brent Herrington

Brent Herrington

Did you know that before Brent opened Herrington’s Quality Butchers he was a farmer? Who better knows their meat? That experience also helped him develop relationships with the local farmers who raise the highest quality livestock. In fact many of the local farmers come to him to cut their own meat.

If you’ve ever met Brent you know he is passionate about his craft and dispenses his thoughtful advice to those that ask.

Want to try something new for dinner parties or get a custom order, Brent and his helpful staff are there to assist.

Jason Boyarski

Jason Boyarski

Jason has been with our team for 10 years.  

An avid fisherman, and father of one, Jason is capable and willing to help you with your custom dinner request!!

Travis Houthuys


Travis has been at Herrington’s for 7 years.  

He has climbed the ranks from clean-up kid, to being the “go-to” Sunday and always smiling butcher. 

Try Herrington’s just once and you’ll be hooked!

Choose your favourite cuts from our meat counter or have us custom cut to your specifications! We are your local butcher and we are here for you!

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