Meat Pies

meat pies

Come into Herrington’s Butcher shop and you’ll smell some of the over 20 varieties of mouth watering meat pies cooking. These fully cooked individual pies are quickly becoming a must have in any fridge or freezer. Oversized with big chunks of quality meats, they are wrapped in a crust that is so good you’ll ask for the recipe. (But don’t …it’s so good it’s a trade secret!)

Buy 5 
and get 1 Free!

Mix and Match six of your favourite pies!

$4.80 each or 6 for $24.00

Does not apply to specials

Meat pie sign

Meat Pie Varieties to choose from (are you ready):

  1. Beef Meat Pies – Meat Piemade with ground beef
    • Beef
    • Beef Vegetable
    • Beef & Onion
    • Beef & Bacon
    • Beef & Bacon with Onion
    • Chili
  2. Steak Meat Pies – made with small chunks of moist tender succulent steak
    • Steak
    • Steak & Vegetable
    • Steak & Kidney
    • Steak & Potato
    • Steak & Onion
    • Steak & Mushroom
    • Steak & Guiness
    • Steak & Onion with Cheese
  3. Turkey – made with all white meat
    • Turkey Cranberry
    • Turkey Gravy
  4. Chicken Gravy – made with all white meat
    • Chicken Gravy
    • Chicken Pot Pie
    • Curry Chicken
    • Vegetable Chicken
    • Chicken & Broccoli with Cheddar
  5. Chili

Try Herrington’s just once and you’ll be hooked!

Choose your favourite cuts from our meat counter or have us custom cut to your specifications! We are your local butcher and we are here for you!

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