Covid-19 Affecting Meat Prices

There has been so much change lately with Covid-19 and business responses to Covid are affecting everyone. You may have heard recently that Cargill temporarily has shut down the Quebec meat packing plant, the second shutdown in Canada due to coronavirus.

While Herrington’s does not source meat from Cargill, the prices of meat are definitely going up everywhere, beyond our control.

Some of the reasons for increase in pricing are as follows:

  • Outbreaks of Covid-19 are either either forcing closings or slowdowns at meat processing plants across the country.
  • The response to Covid-19 is requiring changing plant processes to adapt plants to prevent the spread by facilitating physical distancing.
  • Additional costs also include providing personal protective equipment for all workers: gloves, masks, and visors for example.

For these reasons, production at meat processing plants has slowed and costs have risen.

All these workers, as well as Herrington’s staff are doing their best to serve you in the circumstances. We’ll get through this together.




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