World Butchers’ Challenge – What an Experience!

World Butchers' Challenge, Live Feed placeholder image showing Butcher's belt and arm and putting on chainmail on arm

World Butchers’ Challenge 2022 Event Video

The World Butchers’ Challenge (WBC) was held on September 2-3,  2022 in Sacramento, California.

What an amazing event and what a great experience for Brent, Team Canada and all the competitors.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported Brent and Team Canada. Competing at this event could never have been achieved without your support, as well as and especially, the support and help of Jacqueline Herrington and all the staff at Herrington’s.The Herrington’s Team and customers helped to make this possible.

If you missed it, you can still watch the video of the World Butchers’ Challenge 2022 which was livestreamed on Sept 3rd.

Congrats to the winning teams:

Champions – Germany – The Butcher Wolfpack Team
2nd Place – Australia – The Makani Butcher Team
3rd Place – New Zealand – Hellers Sharp Blacks

These winning teams are rich in butchering heritage and were very well represented.

See complete World Butchers’ Challenge Results

Team Canada is a young and growing team of qualified butchers. Team Canada and certainly all competitors, gained so much knowledge from this lifetime experience and major accomplishment, to compete at this world level event.

Congrats to all competitors.

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